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2022.01.27 01:50 g33dot Land of the Free

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2022.01.27 01:50 TheEliteKoala1 Why is it considered disrespectful to name your child after someone else in China?

I’ve heard that Chinese people generally don’t name their children after a relative or a person they respect. Is there any major reasoning for this?
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2022.01.27 01:50 Sir_Potato_The_Third I feel like an NPC

I dont know if anyone else experiences this, but when it comes to talking with friends or strangers I tend to have sort of preset responses unintentionally , which is something my friends have picked up on and to which I find to be a bit embarrassing, its like often the world sees me as a robot or an npc.
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2022.01.27 01:50 Nykmarc What’s everyone’s issue with Kemba?

Kemba is essentially being used as Derek Fisher, so it’s not a surprise to see that he’s playing poorly.
Do people really believe if you plug in Murray or Brunson into this terribly ran offense with ISO-Randle that it’ll be better?
Is there something I’m missing, or does everyone get that his role is the issue?
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2022.01.27 01:50 lettherebemorelight What do you want that you are afraid of wanting?

Positive or negative. Power? Fame? The women that comes with each? Or the responsibility that also comes with each? To relish in mayhem and ultraviolence and self destruction?
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2022.01.27 01:50 BryanM_Crypto Crypto Credit Now Supports ONE

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2022.01.27 01:50 -Brugh- Stones

Does anybody know what stones are best for putting on artifacts is there a yt I can watch.
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2022.01.27 01:50 Design_Spirited How often should I be watering my Peperomia obtusifolia?

This is going to be my first time watering it and have noticed that some leaves are now able to be closed like tacos but some are pretty rigid.
When should I water it, now or wait a few days until the majority of them can be folded?
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2022.01.27 01:50 DimensionOk8150 Update. Don't know if I should let him know that I like him.

Hello there, so I made a post earlier explaining the situation here Earlier post . Mustering a lot of courage, I did speak with him and asked him for his number but to my surprise he said he doesn't have a phone! I find it really hard to swallow that he really does not have a phone and I feel being lied to and maybe he got the wrong impression of me? I don't know for sure. He isn't financially strong from what I know but there are cheap smartphones out there and he earns so I don't know if he lied to me. Maybe he uses his colleagues phone with whom he stays. He still raises his eyebrows and smiles when he sees me passing by from his salon, glances at me randomly and lots of eye contact which I explained in the previous post I made. I certainly like him and I want to let him know that but I'm also kind of confused as to what is happening. Should I let him know that I like him? Please advice.
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2022.01.27 01:50 Rich-Phase-7632 Saw this meme on FormulaDank

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2022.01.27 01:50 ViolinistUnique254 Banka Pd Pov

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2022.01.27 01:50 bigtiitty Strict parents what should I do?

I ( 16 m) have been dating my girlfriend (15 f) for just under 9 months. I love this girl with all my heart and relationship has been great so far till she got in trouble and her parents looked through her phone. Which they found conversations about intimate activities. They did not like this at all we have since been grounded to her house and we can’t go into her room or go anywhere. Me and her are trying to stick with it but those hangouts just don’t feel the same when we can’t cuddle or just be intimate in any way . We both see this as a very long term relationship and are willing to do everything we can to be together but lately it has been taking a toll on me. I been really sad that I can’t see her or actually “hang out “. I’m pretty much asking for advice on how I should go about this and try to keep our relationship happy?
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2022.01.27 01:50 Colonel17 Player Race- The Bullywug

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2022.01.27 01:50 oitsf I went to almost all world cups with those countries, how about you, but maybe I cannot go Qatar this time

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2022.01.27 01:50 kkamaraa manga set

does anyone know where i can buy the full manga box set? all the ones i find on ebay are all japanese.
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2022.01.27 01:50 Mushysqushy What If We Had OVA's To Cover S4 Material? SPOILERS FOR ANIME ONLY'S

So I was just re-watching Kimura vs Mashiba and this made me think. What if we had ova's for each fight instead of a s4 covering all of it. we had s1, then champions road and Kimura vs mashiba THEN s2. They did that instead of making champions road and Kimura vs Mashiba be s2.
Even though I do enjoy these next couple fights. Most of us can agree they're pretty lackluster compared to what happened prior. We got
Itagaki vs Makino - redemption for itagaki
Ippo vs Karasawa - 6th title defense - shows ippo's growth
Itagaki vs Imai 1 - Itagaki's big moment
Ippo vs Take - 7th title defense - I honestly liked this one
Mashiba vs Sawamura - We already know this is gonna be amazing.
The last one would definitely be WELL worth the hype. A fan favorite fight, but everything else prior could stop the show from getting to that fight. Or just cause the show to NEVER have another season again.
Instead of having this be the full season roster, we could do like what they did leading up to s2. Have Itagaki vs Makino and Ippo vs Karasawa be OVA's. This way they could see if people are still interested in the show while also covering "new" material.
Then we'd start with Itagaki vs Imai 1. Get to Masihba vs Sawamaura sooner (still be the highlight of the season) and end on the Ippo vs Miyata drama. That'd be a great cliffhanger. Then the end season on chapter 725 (man, we're that far behind from the manga) were Ippo regains his resolve to box
What do you guys think? I believe even these lesser fights could be amazing with proper pacing and solid animation.
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2022.01.27 01:50 -davis_ why does nobody near me like $b

is it like a regional thing and im different
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2022.01.27 01:50 kijana_mpole Tele @thezzhacker. 4k+ loggz

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2022.01.27 01:50 NiffyJiffy2008 Bot lobbies

How do I get bot lobbies everytime? I know you need a new account, but once that account levels up, you start getting normal lobbies, how can I keep getting bot lobbies?
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2022.01.27 01:50 Intelligent-Error-83 my new tier list

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2022.01.27 01:50 SE_to_NW South Korea, Taiwan-ROC expected to top Japan in GDP per capita in 2027, 2028

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2022.01.27 01:50 areyouspace01 Zeri is an odd adc

I went Sett support into a trist and brand. I kept defending zeri, but she just got jumped super easy. Me bein Sett, I brawled, killed brand or trist, then got out of everything alive or least 1f1. Usually the former.
But I tried Zeri too and lord she seems underpowered. It's like discount jinx
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2022.01.27 01:50 KimonoisKimono [FOR HIRE] Excellent, Experienced, and Reliable Academic Writer/Tutor

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I charge 15$ per page, any paper, any discipline, any deadline. Payment is via PAYPAL
You can reach me at, [](
Thank you!
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2022.01.27 01:50 Gahdinn In Her Favorite Hiding Spot

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2022.01.27 01:50 Mirewood_91 I guess you can 'grow' chickens: Don't mess with a farmer

More tales from Bylaw & Code Enforcement:
My friend (32M) is a bylaw enforcement officer for a small township, we swap work stories at the pub on Wednesday nights… This particular story didn’t involve my friend (Bylaw Officer); however, he was aware of the fiasco and thought it would be appreciated.
This story is from the west coast of Canada and involves a few levels of government. Generally speaking, local governments (Cities, Townships, Villages, Municipalities, and Regional Districts) are the sole authority for establishing zoning regulations. Zoning tells you what types of uses are permitted and what types are not; however, my Province (like a State for you American readers) has established an ‘agricultural zone’ for key farmland which represents about 5% of the land base of the Province. If your property falls under this agricultural zone the local government cannot restrict most agricultural uses (but the Province restricts most non-farm uses).
The Story:
Farmer Joe started a chicken farm in the early 1990s and by the early-2000s had quite the prospering business. Joe is a practical guy and realized that a big cost associated with his business was sending off his chickens to the slaughterhouse some 45mins away. Joe figured that he would do better if he built his own Abattoir (chicken slaughterhouse), but alas, his tiny farm had no room…
In the mid-2000s Joe had a huge stroke of luck and was able to purchase a 40 acre property from an old family friend. While the property was technically in the City, it was on the outskirts of the City and was in the Provincial Agricultural Zone.
Joe was thrilled at the business opportunity, and bought the land. Joe invested some $45,000.00 in designing the building (which required engineering, an architect, etc. but made sure that everything was up to code before dropping his building permit off at the Township.
Unbeknownst to Joe, the Township was not happy about the Abattoir and had discouraged others from applying for them in the past. After about 1 month of waiting for an update Joe Called into the Township:

Joe: “Hello, I’m just touching bases to see how my building permit is coming along. Do you guys need anything?”
Building inspector: “Oh, you’re the chicken farmer right? There’s an issue with your permit I’m going to transfer you to our zoning guy”
Zoning Guy: “Hello Joe, We cannot approve your building permit due to planning reasons. Abattoir are not permitted on your land and you would have to change your zone to allow one… there’s only two Abattoirs in the Township and they are located in industrial zones… I don’t know if the neighbours would support an Abattoir”
Joe was ready to call bullshit because he knew that the Provincial regulations allowed an Abattoir provided that 50% of the animals processed in the facility were grown on his property. But Joe kept a level head and decided to placate the township.
Joe: “Oh, ok – I will apply to rezone then”
Zoning Guy: “I don’t think that would be a good idea – your neighbours are going to fear that a poultry slaughterhouse will impact their property values and pollute the aquifer.”
Joe: “I think I can make a good case, please send me the application forms”
Zoning Guy: “Ok, but I think you should reconsider”
Joe: “Noted.”
A week later Joe received the application package from the Township and started putting together his proposal. Joe Attempted to proactively address neighbourhood concerns by pointing out that the Abattoir had been designed to not be visible from the road, that he was allowed to have a poultry farm, and that all the processing would be done indoors so noise shouldn’t be an issue… furthermore, the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and local Health Authority have regulations in place to ensure that processing is done in a safe way and so that waste does not pollute groundwater. Joe also pointed out that he had received Provincial Approval for his farm business because it was within the Provincial Agricultural Zone. Joe also noted that his business would help other small scale farmers who were struggling to find local, affordable places to take their poultry for processing.
Joes application was received by the City and they took their application fee. Apparently a few City officials reached out to Joe and tried to convince him that it would be in the best interest of the community if he withdrew his application, but Joe would not budge. Six months into the process a public hearing was held, and it was likely.
Joe reiterated the benefits of his proposal at the hearing, and explained that it was permitted under Provincial law… so the hearing wasn’t really necessary but he wanted to be a good neighbour and see if there were concerns he could address.
Thirteen people voiced their disapproval, examples included:
Citizen 1: I am opposed, this is going to pollute the groundwater
Citizen 2: I tried to do the same thing a few years ago and was told no… If I can’t have it, you shouldn’t have it.
Citizen 3: We don’t know how many chickens you grow. This should be on industrial land
Citizen 4: I board horses on my property, this would be smelly, noisy and I would loose customers.
Citizen 5: I think it’s cruel to slaughter chickens. Why can’t you farm vegetables instead?
Citizen 6: there are already rats and crows in my yard. This will attract more pests.
Citizen 7: My children play outside. This business will increase traffic and one of them will be hit. Think of the kids
After the Hearing Joe was interviewed by the local newspaper and simply stated “We’ll just let Township go through its phases — they’ll be voting in a few weeks. Lets see what they come back with, and then we’ll take it from there”
A few weeks later the Township Council reviewed the staff report, summary of the public hearing record, and all letters received regarding Joe’s project. The Council Unanimously rejected the application noting that the size of the business was inappropriate for the area. They acknowledged that the proposal met provincial standards but felt that it was against the standards of the community. One voiced concern that the Province may get involved and overturn the Townships decision under the Provincial Regulations. After each Councillor gave their speech, Joe was told it was a no go.
Joe did not want to go to the hassle of hiring lawyers, so he reached out to the Commission that oversees the Provincial Agricultural Zone, the Minister (politician) responsible for the Agricultural branch of the Provincial government, and a few farmers groups to obtain their support. The Minister penned a rather damning letter to the Township explaining that their decision was not appropriate as they did not have the authority to restrict the farm use… similarly the Commission sent a memo to the townships staff explaining that they could not restrict the use… and the farmer’s groups criticized the township in the local news outlets.
Joe took this information and provided it to the City’s Chief Building Inspector along with a resubmission of his building permit application for the Abattoir and demanded that the permit be issued. In response the Building Inspector provided a formal letter to Joe, explaining that the permit was denied because the Abattoir was an unlawful use. The inspector also reiterated that the application to change the zoning to allow for an Abattoir was rejected by Council. Government speak for “Sorry Joe, you’re shit out of luck”
Joe attempted to go to the City Manager and provide letters from the Province which explained in detail that the Township was in error and could not restrict a legitimate farming operation. The township disagreed and told Joe that in 1999 the Agricultural Branch allowed the township to restrict meat processing – but would not provide further information without an extensive ‘freedom of information request’ which may or may not yield the right paperwork to Joe (it would be redacted). The alternative was to sue, and see the information in discovery.
Joe was fed up, and decided to build his Abattoir anyways. Joe found a contractor and build that Abattoir over a weekend when the Townships building inspectors were not working. On Monday morning some 50 complaints were made to the Township and the Bylaw Enforcement Officer came to Joe’s property to investigate.
Officer: “Joe, I’m getting reports that you’ve done unlawful construction, is that true”
Joe: “No, all the construction here is legal”
Officer: “What about that?” *Points to Abattoir*
Joe: “That’s a legal building”
Officer: “I don’t think you have a permit for that Joe, you’ll have to stop work on it”
Joe: “That’s ok, the work is done – so we can definitely stop work on it”
Officer: “Joe, this is putting us in an awkward situation… I’ll have to go back to my higherups and look into enforcement options, but this is serious.”
Joe: “Noted.”
The Township Council was very angry that Joe had gone ahead with construction and took legal steps to prevent Joe From using the Building and implied that they would seek a Court order to have the building demolished. In response, Joe sued the Township.
The township responded to Joe’s lawsuit by issuing daily fines for building without a permit and these fines had reached upwards of $125,000.00 by the time the case was before a judge.
The Lawsuit:
Joe Made his case to the Judge and provided all the evidence – and requested that the Courts declare that the Abattoir is a legal use, that the Township must amend their bylaws within 60 days, and that the Townships Chief Building Officer be compelled to issue the building permit for his Abattoir. Joe also pointed out that the $125,000.00 were unreasonable and appeared to be an intimidation tactic in response to his lawsuit.
The Township made their case and pointed to a 1999 approval from the Agricultural Branch which allowed the township to change their definition of “AGRICULTURAL USE” a building or use providing for the growing, rearing, producing and harvesting of agricultural products. Includes the processing and/or sale on an individual farm of the primary agricultural products harvested, reared, or produced on that farm… and eliminated the term “rearing”. The townships position was that poultry is not an agricultural product that is “grown”; rather, it is reared. Therefore, the proposed Abattoir cannot be considered to be a bone fide agricultural use. The Township explained that through this entire ordeal, each government agency which expressed to the Township that their view that its refusal to permit was inconsistent with Provincial Law was in error because these government agencies did not understand that Chickens are not grown, they are reared.
The Judge quickly pointed out that the memo the Township provided to the Agricultural Branch in 1999 was detailed and explained that the purpose of the changes to the definition of “Agricultural use” was in response to new legislation (in 1999) which dealt with mushroom farms. The Township acknowledged this, but argued that the Provincial Minister in charge of the Agricultural Branch should have foreseen that the elimination of “rearing’ would prevent an Abattoir, so their position was still valid. The township suggested that the Minister effectively approved any prohibition or restriction on the use of farm land created by the definition, regardless of the Minister’s understanding and intention at the time the Statutory Approval was issued.
The judge explained that the Townships position was not reasonable, and after going through caselaw to backup his verdict he explained to the township that their position that chickens are not “grown” but rather are “reared” or “kept” was in layman’s terms, bullshit; after all, the Township’s March 8, 1999 letter to the Minister is abundantly clear that the purpose and intent was limited to including mushroom farms. Had the intention been to prevent an Abattoir the township would have been expressed in the Explanatory Memo provided to the Minister… the judge also educated the township, explaining that animals are indeed ‘grown’… after all ‘growing’ is a synonym of ‘rearing’ , and rearing describes a process where animals are ‘grown’.
The Judge also noted that he was very concerned that the township had issued $125,000.00 of fines for a matter that was before the courts… unfortunately he could not make a judgement on it as the matter of costs was not included in the court case; however, he did encourage Joe to consider making a subsequent lawsuit for costs, and that the township would be wise to void the fees.. the Judge also noted that three high levels of government agency had expressed to the township that it was wrong, so it would be difficult to not view the fines as intimidation… While it was not expressly said, Joe could be entitled to his lost earnings that were impacted by the towns enforcement (which would also be significant).
Moral of the story:
Don’t mess with a farmer.
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