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/r/worldnews - https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/belarusalert/cyber-partisans-target-russian-army-in-belarus-amid-ukraine-war-fears/

2022.01.27 01:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/belarusalert/cyber-partisans-target-russian-army-in-belarus-amid-ukraine-war-fears/

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2022.01.27 01:41 Hot_Rub_7437 Navigating the world of Digital Assets.

" Navigating digital assets can be quite daunting! From cryptocurrency to NFT’s and altcoins, there is a lot to understand to effectively make valuable investments in digital assets. Essentially, everybody knows how lucrative they can be but not everyone has the knowledge, expertise, experience, and wherewithal to leverage on their viability. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone with the right level of expertise and insight to help diversify your investment in digital assets? I think it would to be honest. This was my motivation to carry out a research on viable crypto platforms that offer the aforementioned services. So far, VegaX platform (which is part of the konstellation.tech ecosystem) seems to be the most viable. This is because VegaX helps investors unlock enhanced returns via index-based investment strategies, simply and securely. You can earn over 30% profit on your investment. Also, it is quite user-friendly. So, if you are like me and you’re looking for such a platform, maybe you should look up VegaX."
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2022.01.27 01:41 SnooDoubts3562 My first NFT collection 😊😊😊

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2022.01.27 01:41 Telomeke Bad Buddy Ep.11 -- An Analysis

After PatPran’s WEDDING in Ep.10 [1/4] (with its khan maak and sanuk door games), of course Ep.11 was unambiguously their HONEYMOON.
But this was no mindless vacation even if their own private idyll by the sea allowed them recovery from the physical and emotional violence of Ep.10 [4/4]. Pran, broken from his confrontation with Dissaya, showed his need to be recycled and renewed when he said: “A zero waste village. Just the place for us” (Ep.11 [1/4] 4.28), and by Ep.11's end his healing journey was complete. Pat, however, went on a different arc – one of personal growth.
Pat’s outlook on life was displayed early on. His solution to their family drama? Childishly naïve escapism: “Run away to a place where there’s only us” (Ep.11 [1/4] 2.18). You can tell sensible Pran wasn’t convinced (from his doubt-filled eyes at Ep.11 [1/4] 2.54) – but he clasped Pat’s hand in support anyway, and went along with the idea of eloping to the seaside.
Significantly, their arrival there coincided with Junior’s tantrum (Ep.11 [1/4] 8.10), a juvenile objection to his mother’s sensible decisions regarding his schooling. UncleTong then commented at Ep.11 [1/4] 9.13 – “Teenagers. They come to the beach to get hot or get healed” – not only foretelling their honeymoon passions (the “hot”) and Pran’s emotional healing, but also referencing PatPran’s relative immaturity (as sophomores around 19 years old). Junior wasn’t the only youngster rebelling against parental constraints – and this also suggested that Junior’s own growth might hold lessons for them too…
But as the episode unfolded, the immaturity on show was really from playful, kid-at-heart Pat. PatPran’s first time at the beach resort (the Archi camp, Ep.6) had been landmarked by a childish love bet, suggested by Pat at Ep.6 [4/4] 8.00. During this second stint there, Pat continued to turn serious discussions (Ep.11 [1/4] 14.46 and Ep.11 [3/4] 10.24) into game-playing, despite Pran’s exasperation each time. Conditioned since childhood to see life as competitive sport, Pat remained true to form here. The mobile SIM card throwing at Ep.11 [1/4] 5.47 was another example of this… And when Pat stormed off angrily at Ep.11 [3/4] 5.24, after sensing Pran’s longing for home, and that Pran’s realism did not align with his idealism, it recalls Junior’s stomping and sulking at Ep.11 [1/4] 8.10 and 10.59. Pat only dropped his pouty façade when Pran gave in to him (at Ep.11 [3/4] 8.06), but his sudden re-set to cheeriness suggests that his tantrum (like Junior’s) was just a childish ploy to get his way (Ep.11 [3/4] 8.33 and 8.42).
Pat seemed to view the beach like some Never land without limits (saying “We can do anything we want here” – Ep.11 [2/4] 6.41), where reality was bendable as needed (e.g., expecting decent accommodation with food and air-conditioning on a flatline budget at Ep.11 [1/4] 9.35) and rules were yours to invent (e.g., lying to UncleTong at Ep.11 [1/4] 8.43, and his work-for-beer proposal at Ep.11 [2/4] 14.26). Realist Pran however, felt his heart pulled homeward so often (at Ep.11 [1/4] 2.01, Ep.11 [1/4] 14.29, Ep.11 [2/4] 5.17, and Ep.11 [2/4] 11.47). Ever an old soul, Pran had always known that a honeymoon is only a fantasy break, not a permanent life. So when Pat – struggling with fishing nets at Ep.11 [2/4] 8.00 – told Junior to disregard adult wisdom (Ep.11 [2/4] 8.24) Pran only grunted non-committally when asked for affirmation; the next moment he pointed Pat to the only (other) adult in the scene for help with the nets, quietly undermining Pat’s POV.
But reality started setting in quickly... In return for food and accommodation, Pat and Pran were tasked to help the local fishermen – but hours of physical labor (followed by MORE afternoon tending of nets) yielded only one fish as wages (Ep.11 [2/4] 2.20). And NEITHER could match even Junior at catching or scaling fish (Ep.11 [4/4] 1:07; Ep.11 [2/4] 2.52 and 4.23). Later, an evening’s work at UncleYod’s bar (Ep.11 [3/4] 0.32) scored them beer but no money. Their attempts at local work highlighted the stark contrast between the realities of life versus Pat’s romanticized notions.
Another message for Pat came when Pran stopped him tossing his can away (Ep.11 [3/4] 6.03), calling to mind his inability to lob his water bottle into the recycling cages at Ep.11 [1/4] 4.45 and 5.02. The two scenes together suggested the following: just as Pat’s empty can and water bottle still had some salvageable value (and did not deserve to be discarded like useless trash), were their lives back home truly so worthless as to merit being jettisoned so unreservedly? It’s not clear the message landed, but nonetheless Pat began showing more maturity when they chatted that night on the beach. He acknowledged how hard bar work was (Ep.11 [3/4] 10.04), and also broached some serious topics of conversation (even if they were still cloaked in game-playing). This was so out of character that it brought on an incredulous “Why so serious?” from Pran at Ep.11 [3/4] 10.46), clearly showing that Pat had taken a step further on his path to mindful adulthood.
So when Pat awakened from their night of passion to find Pran gone (Ep.11 [3/4] 17.05), his maturing senses, realizing the pull of family for Pran, gave rise to fear that Pran might have left. He was thus relieved (Ep.11 [3/4] 17.38) to see early riser Pran on the beach instead (reassuring him with a loving smile at Ep.11 [3/4] 17.46), but his relief was tempered by the pained awareness of Pran caught between two worlds because of him (Ep.11 [3/4] 17.50)…
With all these little lessons percolating, by Ep.11 [4/4] 0:44 we see Junior finally accepting the wisdom of his mom’s decisions, giving up his juvenile desire to stay on at the beach and agreeing to go back to Bangkok in service of his future (Ep.11 [2/4] 10.32). Very subtly, we see Pat realizing (at Ep.11 [4/4] 1:36) how Junior’s journey toward maturity mirrored his own. With the accumulated lessons of the previous days sinking in, he glances at Pran a few seconds later, knowing that Junior and his mom are reminding Pran of his own relationship with Dissaya, sacrificed to indulge his faen’s childish delusion of running away from reality…
Thus, in the next scene, Pat shows his growth by doing what Pran had done time and again for him (once coupled, Pran had almost always supported Pat’s decisions even against his better judgement, e.g., at Ep.8 [4/4] 7.32, Ep.11 [1/4] 3.00, and Ep.11 [3/4] 8.06. Pat then overrides his childish first instincts (as Junior had done) and agrees with Pran’s unvoiced wish to reunite with family. He does this, significantly, by clasping Pran’s hand to stop him from buttoning up UncleYod’s bar uniform (which would have symbolically sealed the deal on their stay) at Ep.11 [4/4] 2:47, sweetly reiterating the way Pran clasped HIS hand to stop him from taking their relationship back to private at the picnic table (Ep.9 [1/4] 13.12). Back then it was the one time Pran declined one of Pat’s silly schemes (to help mend his friendship with Wai) but here it’s Pat wisely pulling BACK from his own silly scheme, no longer insisting on having his own way. Pat then takes another step toward maturity, abandoning childish make-believe, and confesses he’d known all along that they needed to live in reality (back home), not fantasizing about being on honeymoon forever...
So when Pran debuts their anthem “Our Song” at Ep.11 [4/4] 9:24, the lyrics hold special significance for Pat. Pat had asked early on: “… (We) have the sun, the breeze, the sea, you and me. What more could we ask for?” (Ep.11 [1/4] 14.13). The song addresses this with: “Is love a beautiful world?… Is it a sky, a mountain, a sea, or other kind of splendor?” (Ep.11 [4/4] 9:48). It’s more a re-phrasing of Pat’s question, and the answer is that they never needed that fantastical splendor in the first place. Pat had learnt that grown-ups do not run away from life’s less pleasant bits, even if children would prefer to live in make-believe and pretend those bits didn’t exist (as he and Junior had done). Even more, as the song reminds Pat, running away to a fantasy world for the sake of love is pointless, since love lives not in a fantasy, but in the real world wherever your beloved is. And so Pat willingly (if tearfully) joins Pran at the end of Ep.11 back home, ready to face real-world opposition to their relationship once more. But this time, Pat is all grown-up and wiser, bolstered by UncleTong’s parting advice that you should always stay true to yourself, even if the world thinks differently (Ep.11 [4/4] 12:08). For in holding strong to their integrity, their love might have a fighting chance of survival, without any need for a great escape to another world.
TLDR… ;)
By the end of Ep.11 Pat’s outlook on life had matured. One truth he learnt was that love doesn’t need a special venue – it can (and should) co-exist with other aspects of your life, whether humdrum or high-strung. I’m paraphrasing here, but looking back, the series also conveys the message that love thrives especially in small shared moments of mutual affection, like sipping iced milk tea together (Ep.9 [1/4] 14.00), or buttoning up your beloved’s shirt (Ep.11 [4/4] 2:38), or simply clasping their hand when they need you to, letting them have their way (Ep.9 [1/4] 13.44, Ep.11 [4/4] 2:47). As Pran’s words on the beach (at Ep.11 [3/4] 8.27) and their song’s unassuming lyrics remind us, true love for you and your beloved will always be wherever you have each other. 💖💖💖
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Regice on me 6257 2780 5044
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2022.01.27 01:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - http://www.algemeiner.com/2022/01/26/education-is-the-vaccine-against-antisemitism-says-uk-education-secretary-at-summit-with-jewish-groups/

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2022.01.27 01:41 pinoygamerph PUBG creator Krafton has filed a lawsuit against Free Fire creator Garena, Apple and Google

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2022.01.27 01:41 Jacobinatorr Moving my TRIAS BEP20 tokens from TRUST wallet to KuCoin pls help!

Hey guys!
I want to transfer my Trias tokens from my Trust wallet to Kucoin in order to finally reach binance as USDT in order to buy something else
1- can i transfer directly from Trust as BEP20 to BNB ? (unfamiliar procedure) 2- Is "TRIAS" on KuCoin the same as "Trias token (NEW)" on Trust ?
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2022.01.27 01:41 ReinPandora *Really Need Help* Couple of questions about updating bios

Hi, built my first build with a gigabyte gaming x z690, but ive heard that it has problems detecting storage and stuff. Im completly new to this. So i was wondering, how should i update my bios (Q-Flash or to boot the system in EFI Shell mode) and what version to go for (f4 or f6). Please, i really need help
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2022.01.27 01:41 Dat_Belly Can anyone recommend a charger for the s21 FE

As the title states can anyone recommend a charger for the s21 FE? specifically someone with an s21 FE?
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2022.01.27 01:41 shmorpz it's crazy it's been a year to the day since the band released their last single.

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2022.01.27 01:41 Azlucan This is how the new Paint for the Bulldog looks, for the ones Who doesn't know if obtain It or not.

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2022.01.27 01:41 towerqueen How bad does a cavity have to be to need a root canal?

Hi, I’m freaking out a little after reading on the internet that if a cavity is painful it’s time for a root canal. I have a very small cavity on the top of one molar, and I just noticed that if I’m brushing and I push the bristles down on my teeth I have a mild ache. I’ve noticed the ache before while chewing, only occasionally. I have a dental appointment in two weeks.
Is it possible to just drill and fill a minor cavity that is causing some pain, or does pain mean it’s too far
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