A 50-year plan to build a Interstate High-Speed Rail Network in the United States and Canada

2021.11.28 03:04 godisnotgreat21 A 50-year plan to build a Interstate High-Speed Rail Network in the United States and Canada

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2021.11.28 03:04 lonely-sad Sou pardo com problemas de autoestima

Vc percebe q o mundo é racista quando praticamente só seus pardos/ negros acham seu cabelo bonito e olhe lá.
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2021.11.28 03:04 raffeteng That’s my axe in his head

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2021.11.28 03:04 Salty-Agent105 Songs that help me destress. Please listen and feel free to like

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2021.11.28 03:04 Derrie_Crim My Venti's Highest Elemental Skill Damage (Outside of Spiral Abyss)

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2021.11.28 03:04 RealityKnight Is Luna Girl the Cutest?

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2021.11.28 03:04 FUThead2016 The Awakening of Tony and other thoughts

Close to the ending of the show, Tony Soprano, after committing one of his most heinous deeds by killing Christopher Moltisanti, goes off on a pilgrimage to Vegas, and does peyote.
It is not made clear what insight he receives from the plant, but I think he essentially seems himself as just a facet of the universe. The universe made him this way because the universe decrees that there will be some evil present in it, and Tony happens to be playing that role.

This character's central struggle is to 'correct' himself, to go against his inherent nature, to try and diagnose what is wrong with him. And through endless therapy, nothing really changes. Doctor Melfi too is barking up the wrong tree. She tries to cure him but fails, and only when she comes to terms with the possibility that there is a fundamental evil that cannot be cured, does she find the will to finally close the therapy.

Both Melfi and Tony come to the same conclusion, that there is an inevitability to Tony's evil. He stops feeling guilty I think because he accepts what he is. He is not a mangled creature acting against nature, he is a manifestation of nature that needs to exist, for whatever purpose the higher powers may decree.

"All the while we go about pitying ourselves, whereas we are carried by a great wave"

There are some half sarcastic references to multiple universes. But I think the Finnerton experience also helps Tony understand, that he needs to be who he is so that someone else need not be that person. So in some sense he is both justifying his evil as well as absolving himself of it. Accepting the evil to dissolve the pain it creates in him, again a parallel to what Doctor Melfi does

The ending has generated much debate, but I think there is a simple way to read it.

Christopher Moltisanti expresses the same existential anxiety when he asks 'Where's my arc?'' I think the final scene answers this question. There is no arc, no one has an arc, life just flows along, and it doesn't really matter what happens at the diner scene. At some point the story has to end, and whenever it does end, it will be incomplete. Moltisanti was chasing an illusion in the form of an arc that eventually distanced him from people that loved him, and led to him losing everything.

While the show did not develop this theme with Paulie, earlier on in the show he had expressed some stoic acceptance with his station in life, his slow career progress, his lack of a family, his general character that is made for ridicule. I don't think it is a coincidence that Paulie, with all his so called failings, is the one that survives along with Tony in the end, effectively becoming underboss. Without any overt action on his part, obstacles in his life seem to melt away, and things generally work out for him, even if they do so a bit late. He is even reluctant to take on more responsibility at the end of the show, and the last we see him, he is happily sunning himself. He is also one of the two characters who seemed to be impacted by Sun Tzu's Art of War, though the show played the references for comedy.

Does Paulie do all this intentionally? No, I don't think so. But he also acts without acting, doesn't weigh himself down by ambitions in the same way that others do, leading them to destruction. He feels whatever he needs to feel and then moves on. His stupid attempts to sow discord and participate in the game quickly begin to appear dangerous and he is smart or intuitive or blessed enough to course correct. Tony knows he is the one who told John about the Ginny joke, but even Tony doesn't consider it important enough to kill him for it.
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2021.11.28 03:04 mryumyum96 I think the challenge counts drop amount is unfair.

Especially if you're talking about doing extreme missions and you end up barely making it.i think they should at least double it for hard. And triple it for extreme. After going for the sniper their really isn't a reason to go for the coins unless you really want the battle rifle. I mean yeah if they increase the number of blue guns maybe. But right now not really
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2021.11.28 03:04 Remarkable_Nose_891 Im Being Forced To Choose..

My boyfriend and i have been together for 7 months. He is allergic to cats, and i have 3 that have been a very important part of my life and have been emotional support animals for a long time. Ill never be able to live with them both without there being issues. What do i do? I cant choose and i refuse to choose because i love them both more than anything. He thinks that i should have someone else care for them while im with him, but i dont know anyone where he lives and thatd be like giving 80% care of your child to a stranger. Im not comfortable with that. Also my roommate is a POS and i intend on kicking him out, but once i do that ill lose my spartment and my cats bc im out of a job from severe mental health issues (not having my cats everyday is a HUGE issue). I dont know what to do anymore. Im so tired of being mentally exhausted and worn out. Im stressed everyday, to the point of going insane. Please help.. im so lost and dont know what to do
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2021.11.28 03:04 mrjackson009 Queen Naija

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2021.11.28 03:04 svanapps r/CryptoMarkets - One of the best solution to monetise your Social Media content with Gistcoin

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2021.11.28 03:04 yiskraart Korra in avatar mode fanart (by: me :))

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2021.11.28 03:04 Traditioguy Got a lot of compliments when I wore it yesterday.

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2021.11.28 03:04 wordman420 Best blaster box ever. If you can keep these in mint condition after rip then you got me beat. Merry Thanksgiving!!!

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2021.11.28 03:04 ImEliasK Its currently November 28, 2021 at 07:04AMat GMT +2

Its currently November 28, 2021 at 07:04AM at GMT +2
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2021.11.28 03:04 Nekrubbobby64 didn't expect that

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2021.11.28 03:04 ironcitypest The Iron City Pest Way

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2021.11.28 03:04 WatermelonLemonTree Why am I black in the Union Room?

My character is blonde dawn and my friend’s character is blonde lucas. I chose Aroma Lady as my skin and my friend chose camper as his skin and we were both black.
Why is this?
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2021.11.28 03:04 KawaiiFunkinFurret tried drawing kyle with my eyes closed, accidentally drew his face on his ass (moral of the story: don't make me draw with my eyes closed, it causes nightmare fuel)

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2021.11.28 03:04 akki019 Staying up all night to finish a paper: cold uncooked tofu with a generous amount of the good stuff 👌

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2021.11.28 03:04 Comfortable_Aside_12 😂

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2021.11.28 03:04 KaleBennett Looking Back on The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo + Final Thoughts on The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve

After three long months and fifty cases, the end is here. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do now that it's all over, but a lot of my views on the series have changed, and hopefully I'll be ready for whatever the series throws at me in the future. From what I've seen, while it doesn't seem to be the most popular case of the duology, it's one of the more popular cases in the series. It's time to finish this long journey by looking back on The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo.
History With This Case When I first played this case, I thought it was borderline perfect, and it was my second favorite case of the entire series, as I loved almost everything about the characters, gameplay, and story, with my one and only issue being the anticlimactic ending.
This case will be judged by its characters, trial segment, investigation segment, and ??? segment. Character criticism will revolve around the character's personality, role in the story, and their actions throughout the case. Trial segment criticism will revolve around the enjoyability of the cross examinations, and quality of the story being told during that segment. Investigation segment criticism will revolve around the enjoyability of the general investigations, and quality of the story being told during that segment. ??? segment criticism will revolve around the enjoyability of the ???, and quality of the story being told during that segment.
Court in now in session for the trial of The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo.
Characters Ryunosuke Naruhodo
Ryunosuke's fantastic. I can't say this is my favorite appearance of his since Herlock saving the day at the end of the case took away a bit from his arc, but I was still highly invested in his pursuits, I really enjoyed how both the case impacted him by having him further understand the purpose of lawyers and the value of pursuing the truth nk matter what, and how he impacted Barok and Kazuma by solving the mysteries around Genshin and Klint, and him returning to Japan to follow his own path as a lawyer rather than continuing where Kazuma left off is great.
Susato Mikotoba
Susato's good. I feel this is her least impactful appearance of the game due to her not being as prominent of an assistant as she usually is, as well as her not really feeling like a major part of conversations with characters like Barok or Kazuma, but I do like her going with Ryunosuke back to Japan and continuing to help him.
Barok van Zieks
Barok's perfect. Once again, the change from prosecutor to defendant makes his personality feel more engaging, now with the added benefit of his chalice and leg slamming mannerisms. Seeing him handle the reality of Klint being the Professor and Mael covering it up is hard, I really like his interactions with Kazuma throughout the case and by the end, and Iris being his niece is cool.
Iris Wilson
Iris is great. I still didn't get into her personality, but this is my favorite appearance of hers thanks to how the case developed her father issues and the reveal that her father was Klint, but she ultimately views Herlock as her true father.
Kazuma Asogi
Kazuma's perfect. While in the last case I was more invested in the things he did to pursue Barok and Genshin than the pursuit itself, this case made his personality feel far more engaging and better reflect what he wants to accomplish through his casual dialogue alongside the things he did to continue his pursuit. The reveal that he was going to kill Tobias still hits hard, seeing him learn about Barok's inner turmoil and the truth behind Genshin and Klint is great, and I loved him giving Karuma back to Ryunosuke as he plans to continue being a prosecutor and overcome his inner turmoil about the reality that he had attempted to kill someone. He's my favorite character in this case.
Mael Stronghart
Mael's fantastic. While I normally didn't care for his standard personality, him being the case's judge gives him a greater feeling of oppression and intimidation which is great. Having him take over as judge is cool, I really enjoyed the revelations about how and why he created the idea of the Reaper and changed the public's views of the Professor, the way he uses his position of power and the impact the case's information would have on the public to try and get away is great, and while I wasn't satisfied with how he was defeated, his breakdown is legendary and my favorite of the entire series.
Gina Lestrade
Gina's great. While I would say this is her weakest appearance due to her minor role in the case, I still like her continuing to defend Tobias in the beginning, and I really like her wanting to carry on his legacy in the ending.
Herlock Sholmes
Herlock's fantastic. Again, him saving the day with a suddenly introduced hologram takes away from the impact of the scene and some characters, but he's still really entertaining, his investigation with Yujin was legendary, I liked the final answer for why he covered up G-2, and Iris calling him her dad is a great scene for both her and him.
Yujin Mikotoba
Yujin's perfect. I once agained enjoyed his interactions with most of the cast, I liked his role in the Professor case and him serving as a witness, his discussion with Ryunosuke about him returning to Japan was great, and again, the investigation with Herlock is legendary.
Tchikin Strogenov
Tchikin's great. While he has a minor appearance and I didn't get into his personality, I like the detail of him being Bif's brother, and I really like how out of all examinable people in the investigations, he's used more like a key to the case due to the "Sholmes" password on his arm.
Seishiro Jigoku
Seishiro's great. While I can't say I was into his personality like I was in the last case, having a judge be the culprit of a case is fantastic, I enjoyed the way he tried to hide from Herlock and Yujin, and him moving Tobias's body during his reunion with Ryunosuke and Susato is still a chilling reveal.
Maria Gorey
Maria's good. I still didn't find her character to be that impactful, but I do like her picking a different path from Courtney.
Barry Caidin
Barry's okay. He didn't really feel as likeable as in the last case, and he felt like he was just here to be a witness and nothing more.
Daley Vigil
Daley's okay. Same situation with Barry.
Judge (Britian)
Wait, he was in this case?
This is a great cast. The amount of standard characters felt minimal, and there were so many fantastic ways the returning characters were developed from the last case, making this my favorite cast of the duology.
Trial, Part 1/Investigation, Part 1 Cross Examinations + Investigation
This is perfect gameplay. I didn't find the gaps in gameplay to be an issue, the contradiction finding and evidence examining was really engaging, I really liked how it had both trial and investigation gameplay, and the investigation itself is the best of the duology and topped everything that G-2 had to offer.
This is a perfect first chapter. The revelations about Tobias, Kazuma, and Seishiro's roles in the case are great, I really liked seeing Mael become the judge and Gina continue to try and avenge Tobias, and once again, the investigation scene with Herlock and Yujin is the definition of legendary.
This is a perfect opening segment. This is currently my favorite part of the entire duology, as I enjoyed every part of the experience.
Investigation, Part 2 Investigation
This is a meh investigation. Like a lot of the investigations in G-4 and G-5, not actually investigating a location is a big negative, but the short timeframe of the segment makes it easier to appreciate the couple bits of gameplay like examining Herlock and presenting the telegram.
This is a great chapter. While the timeframe is more of a negative towards this than the gameplay, I really enjoyed how much they discussed Herlock covering up Kazuma's fake death and his reason for why, along with Iris getting a bit of development with her previously thinking Yujin and Susato were her family.
This is an alright investigation segment. It's obviously a downgrade from the last segment since it's probably the most casual segment of the game, but I think they did about the most that they could do with what was required.
Trial, Part 2 Cross Examinations
These are perfect cross examinations. Like the first segment, I found the experience to be consistently fun and engaging, with the gaps in gameplay feeling like buildup to player input rather than empty periods of story inflation.
This is a perfect chapter. The revelations about Tobias's death and Kazuma and Seishiro's roles in the case are great, I really liked how Tobias's body's trip from the ship to London tied into Ryunosuke and Susato meeting Seishiro in the last case, and the lead into Mael being accused of being the Reaper and his trial is fantastic.
This is a perfect trial segment. Like the first segment, I enjoyed every part of the experience.
Trial, Part 3/Epilogue Cross Examinations
These are okay cross examinations. While I don't think the gaps in gameplay made the gameplay itself feel tedious like in G-3 since I found the moments of gameplay extremely enjoyable, I feel they also weren't working towards the gameplay's benefit given the longer timeframe.
This is a fantastic final chapter. I loved almost everything here: The revelations about the Professor and the Reaper, Genshin and Klint's stories and deaths, the impact it had on Barok and Kazuma, Ryunosuke and Kazuma recognizing their roles as a lawyer and a prosecutor, Iris's father's reveal but her ultimately viewing Herlock as her father, Mael's fiery breakdown, Ryunosuke and Susato leaving to Japan together, and so on. The only thing I didn't like about this chapter was the way Mael was defeated, as it felt anticlimactic, took away a bit from Ryunosuke's arc, and Herlock's holograms are the biggest suspension of disbelief of the duology.
A really good final segment. While the gameplay and culprit's defeat didn't really work for me, the rest of the segment made this a satisfying conclusion to the case, game, and duology.
How I Would Improve If I were to try and improve this case while retaining most of its original identity, I would make two changes.

  1. I would change how Mael is defeated. Not only does the way he's defeated feel like a copout, but it partially hurt Ryunosuke, Mael, and Herlock who would've been perfect otherwise. The best possible defeat may require changing a moderate amount of this and the last case, but if I were to come up with a better ending, I would use one that includes the jury system.
Maybe near the end of the case, the members of the gallery could be rooting for Mael while the members of the court demand he pay for his actions. Someone like Herlock or Yujin could request that members of the gallery serve as a jury to decide Mael's fate, which Mael would agree to as he feels confident they'll believe in him, and even if they don't, he still has the final say in the matter since it's a closed trial. Ryunosuke could slowly convince members of the jury that Mael should be arrested, and since the current defeat involves Herlock getting the Queen to strip Mael of his power, this defeat could have the final juror be the Queen in disguise by Herlock's instruction.
Depsite her being royalty, she's still human and wants the best for the people of Britain, so she thinks Mael is right, and it would be up to Ryunosuke to convince her that Mael is wrong, and afterwards Herlock would reveal her as the Queen and she would take away Mael's power. It would make Ryunosuke feel more like the one who defeated Mael as he's the one to convince the Queen, and it would tie into his belief of finding the truth no matter what, as convincing the Queen would be almost like convincing Mael that what he did was wrong.
Depending on how this is implemented in this case, it could end up being a worse defeat, but I feel it's the best option to keep the core aspects of the original, those being Mael's loss of power, the Queen's involvement, and Ryunosuke's resolve, while making the victory feel like Ryunosuke's.
  1. I would extend the investigation segment. It would be difficult to make this segment on par with the first segment due to it being more casual, but I feel they could've fit in a bit of investigating or more minor input like evidence presenting. I know this could affect the circumstances of the later segments, but I think a couple conversations with Barok, Kazuma, and/or Gina about what they learned could both allow for more player input and character events.
Final Verdict This is a great case. I can't say it's entirely the case that I've been wanting from the duology this whole time, as it still has some of the same gameplay issues, not every character felt like a great addition, and the second segment and the culprit's defeat didn't really do this case many favors, but I can say that this is my favorite case of the duology. I love how the unresolved plotpoints built up across the two games came together, the cast of characters was the best of the duology, and most of the case managed to make gaps in gameplay feel beneficial to the experience rather than like a distraction from what would've been an engaging experience. So while I can't say it's one of my top favorites, and it's on the bottom half of finale cases for me, I am still really satisfied with how this duology came to a close.
8.3571428572/10, it's going between 3-2 and 1-3.
Case Rankings
4-1 (9.4583333334/10)
1-4 (9.275/10)
3-4 (9.1428571429/10)
3-5 (9.0714285715/10)
2-4 (9.0479166667/10)
I2-5 (8.9131578948/10)
6-2 (8.9027777778/10)
3-1 (8.7916666667/10)
I-5 (8.6818181818/10)
I-1 (8.625/10)
I2-1 (8.625/10)
5-5 (8.4833333334/10)
2-2 (8.4166666667/10)
6-1 (8.4166666667/10)
3-2 (8.3833333334/10)
G2-5 (8.3571428572/10)
1-3 (8.2916666667/10)
1-5 (8.2/10)
I-4 (8.1875/10)
5-DLC (8.1666666667/10)
I2-3 (8.1507936508/10)
I2-2 (8.0865384616/10)
I2-4 (8.0833333333/10)
5-2 (8.0625/10)
G2-4 (8.0098684211/10)
4-2 (7.9423076923/10)
6-DLC (7.8636363637/10)
1-2 (7.825/10)
G-1 (7.7833333334/10)
6-5 (7.7763157895/10)
G-5 (7.75/10)
6-3 (7.7/10)
G2-1 (7.6875/10)
G2-3 (7.6022727273/10)
4-3 (7.6/10)
I-2 (7.5833333334/10)
2-3 (7.575/10)
I-3 (7.5/10)
5-4 (7.3875/10)
G2-2 (7.25/10)
5-1 (7.2321428572/10)
4-4 (6.9642857143/10)
G-2 (6.9166666667/10)
G-3 (6.84375/10)
5-3 (6.8333333334/10)
1-1 (6.8333333334/10)
6-4 (6.8214285715/10)
3-3 (6.4416666667/10)
G-4 (6.3611111111/10)
2-1 (6.2321428572/10)
Final Thoughts on The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve Much like the GBA games, there aren't any new issues that I think hurt all the cases in this game, and if I had to come up with a reoccuring issue with this game, I would say it's that it didn't fix all the issues with the last game.
While I would say this is a fun game, I feel it has similar issues when it comes to balancing and engagement, and while I didn't think any period of gameplay was outright bad, there's still only a couple of instances where I was completely engaged.
While I loved how the story continued themes and plotpoints from the last game while managing to develop newly introduced themes, it also had an issue with devoting time to the quantity of plotpoints it has to introduce compared to the quality of plotpoints it has to develop, meaning while these are strong plotpoints, it ultimately takes a while for most them to feel substantial.
And while I really enjoyed a lot of the characters, with some characters getting their best appearances in this game, I felt I preferred some characters' overall appearances in the last game over this one like Ryunosuke, Soseki, and Tobias, while other characters like Mael and Iris, while having great or fantastic appearances in the final case, overall only felt like okay to good characters due to most of their prior appearances not feeling that substantial.
But despite these issues, I think this is a really good game, and overall a major improvement from the last game. While none of the issues from the last game feel like they've disappeared from this game, they still mostly feel like they've been addressed. Certain investigations and trials felt quicker-paced, one-off characters with little to do in the last game like Yujin and Seishiro got multiple consistently great appearances here. And where the last game at times felt like a first half that suffered from a lack of a sense of conclusion, this game does the best that it can to serve as the conclusion the last game was missing.
I feel it's hard to put my feelings of this game compared to the last in simple terms, and I feel what replaying this game and this series has continued to help me realize is that my feelings towards the series beforehand used to be far simpler. There were a lot of positive and negative details I never remembered before replaying these games, and I think me not recognizing these details is what led to me developing my biases and blindly loving or hating certain aspects of the series. A lot of the cases I once had a lot of love or a lot of hatred for, now I can see a lot of good or bad aspects in almost all of them, which I think is part of why I think every case is at the very least okay, because I feel even the worst cases still manage to get most of the fundamental aspects of an AA case right. It's a similar lesson I had learned from SOJ, but while I felt that replay taught me the importance of recognizing that some things aren't as good as I remembered, this replay taught me the importance of recognizing that some things aren't as simple as I expect them to be.
The GAA duology is the first and only entry that I got to play at launch with everyone else, and I think that fact did cloud my judgement and result in me viewing these games in simpler terms. Now, every case is worse than I remembered, and while that is a sad reality, I feel I once again better understand this franchise now than I did before. I've gotten annoyed when I see people having nothing but love or nothing but hate for certain aspects of the series, or when people judge those aspects in their simplest forms, leaving out parts that I felt would heavily impact their opinions if they recognized them, but I realize that I've been doing the same thing for at the very most two years.
I don't love this duology as much as I did before, but I'm okay with that. Because there's still a lot to love about these games. Despite not always feeling perfect, the new gimmicks like the Dance of Deduction and summation examination are some of my favorite inclusions to the series. Depsite not every chapter being equally worthwhile, the stories that this duology told are still some of my favorite stories I've ever witnessed. And depsite not every character being a winner, I once again got some of my favorite characters introduced here, with Ryunosuke having my favorite journey from rookie lawyer to ace attorney. And whether the next game continues from this game, another game, or a new subseries of games entirely, I hope they continue to offer some of the best that the series has to offer like every game before it.
7.7813568011/10. Here's to high hopes for the future of this franchise.
Game Rankings
AAI2: (8.3717646681/10)
T&T: (8.3661904762/10)
AAI: (8.115530303/10)
PW: (8.0906666667/10)
AJ: (7.991231685/10)
SOJ: (7.9134708615/10)
JFA: (7.8179315477/10)
GAA2: (7.7813568011/10)
DD: (7.6942460318/10)
GAA: (7.1309722222/10)
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