Ending Recovery

2021.11.28 02:26 Zestyclose_Sun9780 Ending Recovery

I shouldn't be punished for not wanting to continue being sober. I got sober all on my own, it was my choice. I am not happy in recovery anymore. I'm not saying I would be happier drinking I just want to move on from this point of life. I am so over living in sober living too. Sorry but its just not for me anymore. I should be able to do what I feel is right.
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2021.11.28 02:26 Right-Shoulder849 One of my fellow cashiers is freaking out due to not doing a cash strip before closing

Basically she had hopped onto the register after another cashier went home and since she had solely card paying customers she didn't know the drawer needed a strip. The only time she found out was at closing since the last couple customers apparently paid in cash. After closing we were doing our normal activities (me the trash, she was helping get hardware set) she was called over by the acting MOD and acting Head Cashier who confronted her on the amount of money left in the drawer. Didn't hear the conversation since I had finished the trash and went right to the back with it to punch out after. However I met her in the back and she was freaking out since the acting MOD said she may be written up and if it happens again she may be terminated. And I was like 'what? that's never happened before'. I've had countless times at the end of the night my register was 'full' but that was mostly due to people paying their credit card bills and there wasn't enough time to do a strip, but there hasn't been a problem at all when a head cashier closed it. So is the threat that she got something to worry about, or should she brush it off from your experience?
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2021.11.28 02:26 allthesnacks As a customer, is a 20% tip enough for orders <5 miles away?

I use doordash often and always tip 20-30% of the order total but I've always wondered if that's really enough to compensate someone for the drive especially with gas prices the way they are right now.
Doordash says you get 100% of the tip but do you actually? And how much do they pay their drivers themselves outside of the customer contribution?
Just want to make sure I'm doing right by y'all.
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2021.11.28 02:26 babypeachy_ I want to become a different person

Alike the person who posted this earlier I feel the same way. I want to improve and completely change and reinvent myself. It’s hard because I’m extremely negative and it’s like I don’t let myself feel happy/better. I know it’s on me to change and feel better but it’s really really hard right now. I saw someone mention writing down the traits and have the traits I want to have. Are there any other writing exercises or tips on how to improve? I’d sincerely appreciate it, I need all the motivational support I can get. I want to change, I just need help.
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2021.11.28 02:26 StoicFaq 11700k or 11700?

Got a B560 motherboard and don't really plan to overclock, will I still get any performance benefit from getting an unlocked cpu or will the 11700 be fine and I can save a little bit of money?
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2021.11.28 02:26 mchristine0128 bewitched - follow for an enchanted evening

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2021.11.28 02:26 jhinboo Snake Mites

Hi guys. Unfortunately, I found snake mites on my poor BP Nelson a few weeks ago. I ordered Reptile Spray and PAM to combat this, but I'm really apprehensive about using PAM. I have seen a lot of horrible stories of people using this & accidentally killing their snakes.
So far, I have just used dawn dish soap & hot water to completely wash out Nelson's enclosure. Wiped it down with Reptile Spray, then wiped it down again with hot water before laying down his paper towels. Lightly sprayed the paper towels once more with Reptile Spray before setting Nelson back up in the enclosure with one hide and a water bowl. I wiped Nelson down with a paper towel sprayed with Reptile Spray as well and cleaned up the area around his enclosure as much as I could.
I just need opinions on whether or not this will be sufficient to get rid of all the mites. Should I use PAM instead? Any helpful advice would be much appreciated.
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2021.11.28 02:26 Ian_Wylf Does anyone know where this place is?

There was this area in the game in one of the maps on pc that said "in development" in large letters. The place was littered with invisible boxes, colorful boxes, neon borders, broken npcs, and bots that shot at each other or you if you got in the way. There was also a big red button that read "do not touch", and of course I touched it. A large faucet started to spit out an elongated broken npc that laid upon the floor.
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2021.11.28 02:26 Rurouni720 Can you transfer save data to the PS5 version after upgrading from PS4? Is it also safe to delete the PS4 version afterwards?

I know there is a free PS5 upgrade path for PS4 owners, but what I want to know is if save data can be transferred from ps4 to ps5? If so, then how does it work? I ask given how save transfer methods tend to differ for certain ps4 games with upgrade access...
And is deleting the ps4 version to save space afterwards safe? Or is the ps5 version of Bananna Mania dependent on it?
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2021.11.28 02:26 5u7p0a What does the United Knifing think about its offspring the United Shootings?

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2021.11.28 02:26 TrinityMisfit Incoming Missile change

They should add like if a Sundance Tracking grenade targeted at you and the Incoming Missile should be changed like if both are incoming it should be Incoming Projectile and Incoming Missile so I would know which to pop flare cause you can outrun a Sundance Tracking grenade
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2021.11.28 02:26 gibaneles Group Ironman Prestige - How to fix it

Group Ironman Prestige - How to fix it
The clan icons are here: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Clan_Settings#Rank_Titles
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2021.11.28 02:26 MyGunLoadedWithGrape I just ruined someone's relationship

I met a random guy on this sort of hookup site and a lot of chemistry quickly built up between us two. We did inappropriate things and then spent quite a lot of time together. He also told me that he loves me. Then he tells me he's in a relationship. He says this is the first time he had ever cheated.
Sigh. I feel terrible even though I know it's mostly his fault. Now I don't know what to do with our current connection. One thing for sure is, I am not going to be in a relationship with this guy. Honestly a bad idea to date someone who cheated for me.
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2021.11.28 02:26 kawaiicentaur my snail lay eggs asexually. i have seen video on youtube where u crash the eggs and feed them to your snail. is it true? can i actually do that?

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2021.11.28 02:26 DonaldRidesBikes Getting more familiar with my new local daily ride

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2021.11.28 02:26 sammy2607 I would say kenny #chokeonthat until I heard Gary say kenny has no gag reflex #KennyLovesCocks

Yes kenny we already know Monday will be more discounts no worries got money waiting for your dips💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
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2021.11.28 02:26 AccurateConfection1 Barbarian Assault Team

My husband and I are trying to just grind out the fighter torso on our ironmen. We need a team and thought we would check here. We got screwed so many times by people dipping out, or being toxic to others which makes them leave.
We are lower leveled (67 combat w/ 50 def & 54 HP). We know what we are doing. He has full penance on multiple accounts. We are down to teacher a person or two if they actually want to learn.
Come play with us! Fking please.
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2021.11.28 02:26 Bonus1Fact NSW Liberal Party 'railroaded' by Morrison seeking pre-selection powers ¦ Sky News Australia

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2021.11.28 02:26 NewsElfForEnterprise Man, 93, Continues Lifelong Learning Quest at IU Northwest

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2021.11.28 02:26 madmaxGMR Pastile greu de inghitit

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2021.11.28 02:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Honduran election could oust long-ruling National party | Washington Post

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2021.11.28 02:26 donotCallMeChris Alina Rose OnlyFans Leaks (34 Photos) - OnlyFaps

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2021.11.28 02:26 Cryptohunter1998 TTACCO-27 Q-408 with two SD70ACe 4100 and 4128

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2021.11.28 02:26 Illustrious-Ad-3470 Guys this miraculous youtuber has 1 milion subscribers,omg 😱😱😱

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2021.11.28 02:26 renacotor Thinking of haircut tomarrow. Normally I do short on top and shorter on the sides. Any longer and I get really curly. Any tips?

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